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April 20, 2012

MAJOR East Coast Storm System

by craig1

Let’s hone in on some details here folks, the major storm system will be developing across the southeastenr United States starting this Saturday lasting through next Wednesday. The effects will start in the southeastern United States first with heavy rainfall and possible isolated severe storms over the southeast mainly with the heaviest threat pushing into Florida. As the storm system moves up the coast, heavy rainfall will precipitate across the eastern seaboard with some heavy rainfall totals for a good chunk of South and North Carolina. Here is the NAM model for that timeframe;

As you can see the storm system is gathering off shore and really starting to crank up with heavy rainfall across the Carolinas.

As the storm system moves northwest towards Washington DC, heavy rainfall really starts to collect across the Middle Atlantic states and colder air starts building in eastern Kansas and is ready to POUNCE on parts of the northeast;

As the storm system continues to move northeast, layers in the atmosphere are starting to cool in western PA and New York state with the precipitation shield starting to move in;

The storm system REALLY starts getting cranked up with heavy snowfall over western New York, and this is the really wet heavy snowfall that will stick to everything and WILL cause crippling power outages and tree damage to anywhere that receives this heavy snowfall;

The storm system continues to move west a tad with heavy wet snow continuing across western New York and now is moving southwest into western PA;

I have seen enough data that supports this to throw out my first map for this storm system.

MAJOR rainfall accumulations over the eastern United States will cure the drought and heavy wet snowfall with strong winds thrown in for good measure for western PA and New York will cause crippling disastrous effects with power outages and tree damage for folks in that area. Even the Apps mountains could receive some snow.

Stay tuned!

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