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October 3, 2012

Winter Storm Alert – Heavy Snowfall and Power Outages

by craig1

Good evening everyone, as I type this the storm system is currently developing over much of North Dakota. With most of it being rain at this time some rain is starting to mix with snow in western North Dakota with eastern North Dakota still dry at this time. Let’s take a look at the current radar;

But as the night wares on much colder air will filter into the storm system and the low pressure will begin to deepen tomorrow morning. Ground temperatures are still warm and running between 45-55 degrees but with how powerful and compact this storm system is and due to the high intensity snowfall rates of 1-2″ per hour, snow will not take a long time to pile up. The heaviest snowfall will fall in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota where 10-12″ of snow will likely fall. Lesser amounts will likely stick to the pavement but the grass and other surfaces will have no problem at all. 850mb temperatures will be below -3 across much of northern and northeastern North Dakota and that is where the heaviest snowfall will fall;

Usually you need to be below -3 line in 850mb levels at this time of year to get snow to fall. Due to the heavy wet nature of this snowfall, trees who have not lost there leaves will likely take a hit and extensive tree damage will be likely along with power outages. Please take extra caution if you are living in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

Here is my final winter storm accumulation map;


Have a great evening everyone, will have another update by morning!

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