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October 24, 2012


by craig1

Just going over of what could be a potentially historic storm system to hit the northeastern United States as we head towards Halloween with high winds, very heavy rain, and perhaps heavy snowfall on the very western side of this storm system if enough cold air can wrap into this storm system. Let’s take a look at the latest 12z models;

European Model;

As you can see the european model has focused the storm system hitting more so near the northern part of North Carolina with extreme high winds and heavy rainfall and as you notice the 850mb line is funneling into the western side potentially giving New York state significant snowfall amounts.

NAVY Model;

The NAVY model is agreeing heavily with the placement of the low as the european model does except the NAVY model has the storm system a bit more north then the european model.

Canadian Model

The canadian model has now come around to what the euro and other models are saying. It does not take it out to sea anymore and hits the northeast coast with about the same effects.

The GFS computer model has now come around as well from yesterdays model runs, it agrees heavily with the canadian weather model and takes it out to sea then the trough sucks it back in and hits near Boston, MA.

One thing is for sure, I am VERY sure this will impact the east coast with crippling implications with extreme amounts of rain, high winds and potential for damaging amounts of snow to parts of western New York State, stay tuned for later articles here and maps to be issued.

Moving west to the Great Plains the strong cold front will be moving through with thunderstorms and snow behind the cold front over western and northwestern Nebraska with potential for 1-4″ of snowfall for those areas. Here is the HRRR simulated snowfall amounts total;

Have a great day and another update will be issued later tonight!


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