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October 26, 2012

Catastrophic “Perfect Storm” to resemble the Perfect Storm in 1991 in the northeast

by craig1

Hello and good afternoon everyone! I will be going over the comparisons of this up coming huge storm system and the perfect storm of 1991 that hit the northeast. The storm system in 1991 was strangely enough near Halloween as well so that further brings more and more similarities to what we are seeing now. Here is a satelite image of Perfect Storm in 1991;

As you can see this storm was also massive as well. Here is a couple newspaper clippings from this storm;

According to sources this storm achieved a low barometric pressure reading of 972mb, that is extremely low, but lets take a look at the latest european models and its pressure reading;

It has a record low pressure of 942 millibars, 40 millibars lower then the epic storm in 1991! This storm is incredible. Hurricane force winds were felt on the coast line as well as 39 foot waves. Very similar conditions will occur with Sandy as I have seen a model with waves predicted as high as 40 ft;

(Image courtesy of WeatherMatrix)

As you can see the highest wave action is too the east of the storm but some 20-35 ft waves are nearing the northeast coastline.

Will have another update later on tonight on who could see snow out of this!


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