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December 4, 2012

Winter Storm Update : 0z Euro/CMC/Navy

by craig1

Good early Tuesday morning everyone! Just writing an update on the latest 0z models with the exception of the 0z gfs model update I did earlier last night. Let’s get started off right away;



As you can see, the latest european model develops a large trough in the western United States then hangs back energy in the dessert southwest before phasing over northeastern Texas with snow possible over parts of Oklahoma at this time maybe even some stronger winds. Then it begins to take the low pressure system and starting to negative tilt as it heads over Chicago with a swath of significant snowfall from northern Missouri to southern Wisconsin and parts of central and northern Wisconsin.



The latest NAVY model is quite PROGRESSIVE in nature with this storm system with nothing really organized or nothing really that phases ever with the jetstream. Just kinda moves along the front then a post frontal cold front heads east through the Ohio Valley with no real storm system. Plenty of cold air to work with though but it quite different from the european model.

Canadian Model;


The canadian model is much further north with the storm system and gathers strength once its in northern Iowa with accumulating snowfall from eastern Nebraska through central and northern Iowa and southern Minnesota with plenty of cold air to work with for snow to fall.

Now as I look at all 3 of these major models, one thing still comes to mind that the computer models have very different solutions on what could happen. Depending on how fast the cold air is will determine on how far south this tracks so please stay tuned for a 12z GFS/EURO/NAVY/CMC/NAVY update later on today!

Have a great Tuesday morning and THINK SNOW!




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