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January 8, 2013


Start to winter off to an overall MILD start!

by craig1

Good Tuesday afternoon everyone, just going to go over how this winter has started so far.

The latest December temperature and precipitation maps are out and ready to discuss over;


As you can see, an extensive ridge has been over the eastern United States for the entire half of December, with a few breaks as we headed into the last week with a storm system that hit parts of the northeast. But overall warmer than average weather has dominated from the Missouri River on east with the epicenter of colder weather over the Great Lakes. This is an average however, the last week and a half of December were quite cold over the upper half of the nation, with that area having the coldest readings but on average the United States was warmer than average with average temperatures over the western United States.



Despite the warmer than average temperatures, high amounts of precipitation have fallen over the southeast through the northeastern United States with a small area over the Great Plains through parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Overall the hardest hit drought areas have gotten some good moisture in December so far so that is good news. The western United States has gotten above average precipitation as well.

I have NOT done well so far with my temperature map but my precipitation prediction for this winter is starting to come out nicely.


We have the rest of this month and through March to go through, but so far many areas are below average in snowfall, but I have hope that we will get a turn around!

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  1. richwi
    Jan 9 2013

    Well Please keep us updated…We need Snow (the Moisture)..


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