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February 6, 2013



by craig1

Hello and good afternoon everyone we have a lot to talk about so let’s first get started off talking about the clipper storm system merging with the nor’easter off the northeastern United States coastline.

First image we are looking at right here shows that we have an Alberta Clipper storm system moving across the upper midwest with snow falling behind the low in Wisconsin;


An abundant amount of cold air is funneling in behind the Alberta Clipper with the low pressure off the northeast coast beginning to take shape.

And then the merger begins to take shape between the Alberta Low and nor’easter;


The merger is taking place with colder air beginning to wrap in to the northwest of the nor’easter and the pressure gradient beginning to tighten off the coast.


And then here she is, the blizzard begins to take shape especially across and near Boston, MA.

Already by 66 hour extremely heavy snowfall, perhaps 2-4″ per hour with thundersnow and winds gusting to 50-60 mph will be common across MA.

Total snow through 66 hour;


Catastrophic snow amounts with perhaps areas that roads may be impassable due to the extensive blowing and drifting snowfall. This is a serious nor’easter and the first huge storm of the winter for this year, so please prepare for this if you are living in this area.

So looking over everything here is my first and final snowfall accumulation map;

blizzard blizzardyay

Besides the northeast, 3-6″ of wind blown snow will fall across a good chunk of Wisconsin, with Wisconsin being one of the only winners so far this winter, the lucky spot I should say for getting in on the bulk of the snow action.

Please stay tuned for more details later on tonight with 0z model runs and if I need to update the map any further.


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  1. Casey
    Feb 6 2013

    Is there going to be any bug snow storns that hits the twin cities in Minnesota??


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