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Advertise on Snow Day

Hello everyone, ever wanted to advertise on Snow Day for a cheap price? Well you can! Advertise your snow removal business or anything else you would would love to advertise on Snow Day! The advertisement will go on the right hand side bar below the snow maps on the right hand side of the website. We get thousands of views per day and to just give you a good idea on how many hits we get per month so far this year take a look;

Site Stats

As you can see, when we switched over to this new website, site statistics went way up starting over the summer and really up as we headed into this Fall and starting into this brand new winter season. Totaling about near 92,000 hits so far this year and near 37,000 this month and roughly 1-2,000 per day, your business will surely get some exposure by advertising with us.


Advertisement Specs

Advertisement Size : When wanting to purchase an ad space here on Snow Day – you can either provide us with a 3.6″ x  3.7″ square advertisement or you can request that I make one for you free at charge.


1 Week : $10.50

2 Weeks : $20.50

1 month : $30.50

3 Months(Winter Months – December – March) : $115

3 Months(Non winter months) : $75.00

Please email me with the following template filled out:

Name :

Business Name :

Business Website Address :

Which Advertisement Option do you want :

Phone Number :

Other Information :

We accept paypal as an option to pay for this. Please email ALL filled out forms and questions to

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