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Winter Storm Forecast Page

Winter Storm Forecast Page

Welcome to the Winter Storm Forecast page here on Snow Day. Here you will find up to date accurate winter weather forecast’s for any portion of the United States. Forecast’s will usually consist of discussions issued at the most of 10 days advance warning of a possible winter storm. After 10 days, the accuracy wains pretty hard. As the event draws closer, forecast discussions on this page will be updated more often. There is not a certain time of the day when they are updated, most likely after each set of data that comes out or when instructed in earlier posts usually.

Forecast Discussion

Winter Weather Threat : Central Plains / Great Lakes / Ohio Valley – Mid next week

11/23/12 – 12:54 PM Central – The latest canadian weather model has a weaker storm system over the central plains mid next week with some snow falling from eastern Nebraska to southern Wisconsin. The storm appears weaker because not enough phasing occurs. Looking at other models the GFS/EURO seem to have a strung out mess of snow and rain across the Ohio Valley and a flatter jet stream pattern. A more negative NAO means we would see a more amplified weather pattern then what the current GFS/EURO are saying so please stay tuned.

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  1. Dave Ellmaker
    Apr 16 2012

    Hello there, Craig. Will your new site have the GFS and ETA model forecasts? Those really helped a lot over the past few years. Congratulations on the new site!

  2. Apr 16 2012

    I will be transferring over that information!

  3. MN WX
    Dec 16 2012

    Dude– you need to update more often– even if the storm falls apart for you VC.

  4. Aug 8 2015

    What does 2015-16 winter look like ??


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